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Acupuncture for Allergy Relief!

Spring is here and I know for many of you that means allergies!  This can manifest as stuffy or runny nose,itchy eyes, sinus pressure and headaches and overall low energy.  Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can help ease these symptoms and strengthen your immune system so your body does not react to so many pollens and grasses.  In just one treatment, I can relieve sinus pressure and stuffiness, headaches, and itchy eyes.  Chinese herbs can be used in a capsule or liquid form to help in between acupuncture sessions.  This is much healthier way to treat allergies than with over the counter medications that can become addictive and stop being effective.  Please call or email today so we can set you up to get through this allergy season with ease!  Happy Spring Everyone!!


Happy May Day: Time to start a Stretching Routine!

I have been working on a lot of Chronic Pain and Injuries lately and would like to offer a new treatment that may help you be able to continue your activities you love, decrease your pain and increase your range of motion: Daily Stretching. I know we are all busy and getting a workout in seems like all we have time for, but Stretching is just as important and will help you to stay flexible and strong in as little as 15 minutes/day.

I frequently teach my patients stretching techniques that are specific for their injury, but I would like to expand and offer you something more effective. You can now book a 75 minute session that would be the 1 hour Acupuncture treatment and then 15 minutes of learning and practicing specific stretches for your injury or chronic pain. Stretching lengthens the muscles, while keeping them strong, allowing you to stay pain free and enjoy your daily activities. This applies to all areas of the body: neck and upper back, shoulders, low back and hips, IT band and hamstring and finally calves and feet.

Hope you are all staying active and healthy, please let me know if I can help you learn how to effectively stretch and strengthen your muscles today!

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