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"I can honestly admit that I was slightly apprehensive to try acupuncture. I didn't know what it would feel like, or if it would even benefit me.  I have chronic back pain and it seemed like massages were  not cutting it for me.  I then developed a lot of tightness in my neck and shoulders in addition to the pain in my back.  Jane convinced me she could alleviate some of my pain.  I went for it.  The needles were so tiny that I couldn't really feel much unless they were in areas of acute pain,but by no means was it painful! Post session I was a little spaced out.  The next day - barely any neck pain!  It was absolutely crazy!  Now with a mixed regimen of acupuncture and massage, I'm feeling better than I have in a long time.  If you are on the fence about trying this treatment - go for it!  Thank you Jane, for walking me through this process and making me feel so at ease.  I'm grateful for your patience in answering all my questions and guiding me through this new part of my health regimen."

Sarah J  

"Jane helped me with torn ligaments in my shoulder due to surfing.  She clearly articulated the accelerated effect that acupuncture could have on my shoulder and surrounding areas.  Jane also explained in clarity what I would experience and what we would target each session.  My shoulder is doing fine now and I am back to surfing as much as I want. "

Jim S

" Jane has treated me for years for many sports related injuries.  She is knowledgeable and understands my issues and explains to me how acupuncture can help.  Her work has proven very beneficial for me.  I strongly recommend acupuncture with Jane for full body healing."  Terry M

"Jane helped me heal my long term digestive issues.  With acupuncture and supplements, I am now free of digestive complaints and feel energized and healthy." 

Betsy M

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